Legal growth hormoneMaximum increase ofmuscle mass

  • Increased production of growth hormone by 26%
  • Strong anabolic activity
  • Rapid increase of musculature
  • Increase testosterone by 30%
  • No side effects
  • Lasting effects
  • 100% legal

Do you dream of the impressive musculature? You want to increase your endurance? Reach for Somatodrol supplement that stimulates the production of testosterone and growth hormone (HGH) in your body!

How worksSomatodrol?

To be able to enjoy the pure muscle mass, your body needs growth hormone and testosterone. Advanced composition of Somatodrol, supplies to your body ingredients that stimulate it, to the natural production of HGH-growth hormone and testosterone! Somatodrol ingredients guarantee you a quick and permanent results without side effects!

The use of Somatodrol increases the efficiency of the body and eliminates the tiredness, because it stimulates the excretion of ammonia, which accumulates in the body after intense training.

  • Maximum high levels of testosterone and growth hormone
  • Visibly ripped muscles
  • Increase strength and energy
  • Reduce spasms and muscular tension
  • 12 kg lean muscle mass in 3 months

Somatodrol is recommendedby bodybuilders


Somatodrol is newly on the market, but it has already become a hit. In Poland, the first who tested it, was Krzysztof Piekarz - the esteemed bodybuilder and winner of the 2014 Bodybuilding debuts in category 90+.

"As I have learned that I can be the first person who try out Somatodrol before placing it on the market, I knew it was my chance. I agreed without hesitation. The difference was huge. I just won."

2014 gold medalist of debuts of Polish Association of Bodybuilding, Fitness and Powerlifting in 90+ category and champion of champions

What effects I can achieved,by using Somatodrol?

About that, what effects you will get, its decide genetic predisposition and your training cycle. After 3 months of treatment, those who taking Somatodrol observe increase of muscle mass by an average of 10 kg.

How to useSomatodrol?

The Somatodrol formulation should be taken in dosage 1-2 tablets twice a day. The capsules should be swallowed with a glass of water. The first dose of Somatodrol take in the morning, before breakfast.

Somatodrol- reviews



Despite of exercise and torturing at the gym, I still didn’t see results. I tried Somatodrol and literally I began to rise in the eyes! Also increased my strength. I was able to perform more intense and longer workouts.



Building of musculature is a hard work. Each series of exercises I performed carefully and conscientiously, but the results was still unsatisfactory. When I started using Somatodrol I saw immediately difference. Finally, I am happy to have musculature, which about I dreamed.

How to order Somatodrol?

Ordering Somatodrol on our website you receive Guarantee of Satisfaction. The effectiveness of Somatodrol has been confirmed by scientific research. We are confident of Somatodrol activity, so if after of 3-month treatment you'll be not satisfied, we will refund your money!

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